What clients say about Prizm

In our efforts to expand and renovate our existing spine clinics, Bob Reznik and Prizm were invaluable in helping us to develop the best possible set of plans to optimize physician effectiveness and patient impact. Bob and his team were immediately available and developed excellent designs in an amazingly short amount of time. Our spine surgeons loved his concepts and final designs — and they can be a tough audience. Prizm’s role in the success of this project was absolutely vital. We plan to continue working with them as we develop our plans to enhance and develop our spine program in the coming years. Due to Prizm, our multi-disciplinary spine specialty center Texas Spine and Scoliosis (TexasSpineandScoliosis.com) is now a regional spine center of excellence receiving spine patients from across Texas, surrounding states and Mexico.

— Chris Bonham, MBA
Vice President Neuroscience Service Line
Ascension Texas | Seton Healthcare • Austin Texas

Bob has worked with me since 2004 when I called upon Prizm Development to actualize my vision of creating a prominent regional Spine Center of Excellence for the Northern Nevada region. Bob and Prizm Development worked closely with me over 20 years to create a regional spine center development strategy, the name of the spine center; the corporate identity; a content-rich Internet presence; all referral development tactics; and patient education materials. Almost 20 years later, Bob and Prizm still serve loyally as a trusted advisor to our best interests, short term and long term. We’ve since merged with several synergistic orthopedic groups and have expanded to be the dominant spine and orthopedic center in Northern Nevada region.

— James Lynch, MD
Fellowship-trained spine surgeon
Founder of Spine Nevada & The Swift Institute
Reno, Nevada

Back in 2017 our fellowship-trained spine surgeon brought in Prizm to create a new spine specialty center to differentiate his practice in the competitive Orlando spine market. Prizm helped develop a new spine center identity and content rich Internet site on spine care at SpineGroupOrlando.com.  The spine center has since grown to include a physical medicine spine specialist for non-surgical spine care. 

Similarly in 2022, in an effort to improve the position of the parent orthopedic group Celebration Orthopaedics for the Orlando market, we called upon Prizm to create a new online encyclopedia on orthopedics at CelebOrtho.com.  This new educational site on orthopedics includes extensive home remedy and treatment information for knee, hip, shoulder, foot and hand. 

Later in 2022, we recognized a need in the local marketplace for a general surgeon providing vein care, wound care and hernia repair. Prizm and it’s general medical subsidiary Medingenuity, LLC helped develop a new spin off specialty center with a new corporate identity called Celebration Specialty Care. The launch of the new general surgeon practice included an educational web site on hernia, vein care, vascular problems and wound care at CelebrationSpecialtyCare.com

Both Prizm and Medingenuity continue to be help with direct-to-consumer promotion, Facebook ad campaigns, work comp marketing communications and referral development campaigns for all three centers:  SpineGroupOrlando.comCelebOrtho.com and  CelebrationSpecialtyCare.com.

— Angela Pendas, CASC, MBA
Celebration Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute
Celebration, Florida

Before I began working with Prizm, I was stuck in a large general orthopedic group working in a direction that was not professionally satisfying. Prizm enabled me to take control of my spine specialty practice and open up referral patterns that are more appropriate for my skill set. I am in the process of building the spine center of excellence that I have always dreamed of at NorthwestFloridaSpine.com.

— Dr. Michael X. Rohan, Jr.
Founder, Northwest Florida Spine
Panama City, Florida

I have been very pleased with the work of Bob Reznik and the Prizm team. They are true professionals who are committed to excellence in everything they do. I first contacted them in 2014 to help develop a spine program in the highly competitive Silicon Valley region of Northern California. Their program development, website development and search engine optimization work is phenomenal. After being open for just a few months, Prizm's SEO work already had us ranking number one for several high competition keywords. The Prizm-built website is our #1 referral source.  We continue to work closely with Prizm Development even after almost 10 years. 

— A. Onibokun, MD
Board Certified Neurological Surgeon
Specializing in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
Founder, San Jose Neurospine
San Jose, California

I was hired as Director of the hospital's spine center. I was given the goal of taking a spine surgical program to the "next level". I did extensive research into spine care delivery models and in 2005 found Prizm Development and its impressive track record in spine center development over the years. Prizm's "Spine Center of Excellence" model for spine care matched our goal to develop a true multi-disciplinary spine center facility for the South Carolina market. Bob Reznik and I spoke at length on the phone about his program as well as his vision about upcoming changes in the delivery of spine care. He agreed to fly out to our center to meet with senior management of the hospital and our team of neurosurgeons. He was able to get full commitment from neurosurgeons and administration to proceed with his spine care model.

His vision for the future of spine care has proved itself over the past 15 years, as South Carolina Spine Center is positioned well to cope with ongoing changes in healthcare we now face. Working with Prizm Development has put us ahead of the curve in the journey to create a regional "Spine Center of Excellence".

— Wayne Mounts, PA-C, MS
Director, South Carolina Spine Center
Self Regional Healthcare
Greenwood, South Carolina
South Carolina Spine Center

I've known Bob Reznik for many years and have found his expertise and advice to be invaluable. Last year I asked Bob and the team at Prizm  Development to assist in a practice merger and ancillary expansion. Bob and his team were immensely helpful and guided us through a challenging transition. His ability to help manage complex physician and staff relationships, as well as his powerful focus on meaningful clinical outcomes makes him unique in the field. We continue to trust Bob and the Prizm team to help us tackle the challenges delivering healthcare in today's complex environment. 

— Charley Gordon, MD
Spine surgeon
Founder, Precision Spine Care
Tyler, Texas

Central Maine Orthopaedics (CMO) engaged Bob Reznik and Prizm Development, Inc. in 2010 to help us create a new spine specialty program. Prizm helped our group create Maine Spinecare, a new service line that CMO took to the market. Maine Spinecare was a resounding success and the first business of its kind in Maine. Prizm worked with us for over 10 years. Both non-surgical and surgical spine volumes have increased with a concomitant improvement in patient satisfaction. From a management consulting perspective, Bob Reznik's approach is comprehensive, covering marketing, business methodology, patient satisfaction, and clinical and surgical operations. In addition, CMO has found Bob's approach to be cost effective, timely, and detailed. Bob is an exceptional business partner and I would recommend Bob without hesitation. It is my pleasure to recommend PRIZM Development.

—Michael H. Cox, Ph.D., FACSM
Former Executive Director 
Central Maine Orthopedics & Maine Spinecare

I have had the pleasure of working with Bob Reznik back in 2003 when he helped with a market survey needs assessment and structuring our new Spine Center.  In large part due to Mr. Reznik’s efforts, Carle Spine Institute became the regional provider for spine services in our area. Although it is a bit corny, I have a 5 x 7 picture of Bob Reznik with other pictures on my bookcase as a reminder of the inspiration that he has been for our Spine Center. He has been available since moving into our new building for troubleshooting for over 16 years. Prizm has acted as a central repository for data so that we can compare our outcomes to his other programs. In summary, Carle Spine Institute would not exist without the help of Mr. Bob Reznik and Prizm. I have no hesitation whatsoever about recommending Prizm Development to anyone else who is considering upgrading their spine services and attracting talented spine care providers.

— James Harms, MD,
Fellowship-trained spine surgeon
Founder of Carle Spine Institute
Central Illinois

It is with sincere pleasure that I write this letter of reference in support of the great work done for our organization by Bob Reznik and Prizm Development. Bob and his MBA team worked with our hospital back in 2010 to develop spine center concepts and construct financial pro formas and projections. When we gauged our chances of developing a viable program, both Bob was cautious and advised our admin team that the program would be profitable but just barely, because our hospital was located a 3 hour drive from Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. A year after moving ahead with support from Prizm on the marketing site, our spine service line became successful beyond anyone’s wildest hopes. Our community has had the great fortune to have had over 200 of our residents receive spine surgery in our first year right here at home instead of having to drive 160 miles to the next closest hospital, as had been the case in the past. Without the support from Bob Reznik and Prizm Development, we may not have taken the plunge into the development of our spine program. The investment we made with our partnership with Prizm has paid for itself many times over.

— Rick Davis, CEO
Central Peninsula Hospital
Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

As a fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon who had been practicing since 1996, I found it very difficult to consider leaving the only group I had been associated with for the past 15 years to move from Tennessee to start a new spine center of excellence in Alaska where I grew up. My goal back in 2010 was to leave a legacy to my career in medicine with a spine center of excellence back in my home state of Alaska. Needless to say most of my colleagues and friends thought I was nuts... In hindsight I had lost sight of the reasons I had gone into medicine. Having made the decision to start again, I quickly realized that I had no idea where to begin.... I had no idea how to start a spine center... What I did know was that Bob and Prizm had established more than 40 spine centers... I came to appreciate Bob’s knowledge and sense of where healthcare was heading throughout the nation... As I have gotten to know Prizm and Bob’s approach, we have incorporated other things that are important to me. We are developing a non-profit outreach program for our community in Alaska as well as starting a spine program in Africa as part of a mission with Cure International.... Bob’s proven methods and approach relieve much pressure allowing you to focus on other activities such as taking care of patients. Lastly and I think most importantly is the trust I have in Bob Reznik, which has developed over the past 14 years. Bob absolutely does the right things for my practice.

— Craig Humphreys, MD
Founder Kenai Spine, Soldotna, Alaska
Co-Founder 3 spine instrumentation company
Founder, Carolyn Jane Foundation
Founder Spine Fellowship Program at CURE International Hospital, Kenya

I had the pleasure of working with Prizm as the former executive director of Augusta Back dating back to 2005. Bob Reznik and Prizm Development supplied a turnkey operation that helped transform our neurosurgery practice into a successful regional spine center with spine surgeons working closely with physical medicine MDs and spine therapists. We experienced an increase in net income as a result. Bob possesses a direct communication style that is no nonsense. He has a wealth of experience and job knowledge that allows him to converse on almost any issue related to the operation of a spine center. Bob and Prizm have continued to play a role in this successful spine and neuroscience center for over 19 years.

— Tim Woodall
Former Executive Director, Augusta Back
Augusta, Georgia

Several years ago when I was in a regional business development role for CHRISTUS Health, I retained Prizm Development to do a feasibility study for a potential spine center of excellence at one of my hospitals. Although I had known Bob for a number of years and was keenly aware of his reputation as a pre-eminent expert in the field, I was blown away by the deliverables. Bob's reputation as a national leader in the development of spine centers of excellence is well-deserved. I will have no hesitation hiring Prizm Development again and look forward to another opportunity to take full advantage of his expertise and guidance. Prizm and Bob Reznik have my highest recommendation!

— Gary Dias
System Director, Market Development
Houston, Texas

We used Bob Reznik and Prizm Development as our large orthopedic group wanted to roll out a spine center in 2005 to be more competitive and better positioned for spine.  At the time we had about 30 orthopedic physicians. We wanted to create a separate spine center program and facility. It was Prizm Development’s spine center business plan, regional surveys of physicians, managed care companies and health systems, and his overall specific knowledge of spine care that helped us to get there. He continued to work with us on spine as well as our orthopedic group for seven years.

— William Pupkis, CMPE
Former CEO of Capital Region Orthopedics & Capital Region Spine
Albany, New York

I’ve worked with Prizm and Bob Reznik since 2008 when I had a spine surgery practice in Washington State.  Prizm was brought in by the hospital service line director who wanted to develop a more organized spine center program.  A few years later, I left that hospital, started a private practice and took Prizm with me. Prizm created the spine center corporate identity, an educational Internet presence, handled referral development and direct-to-consumer promotion. Over the past 10 years, Prizm has been an ongoing and trusted resource. A few years ago the Prizm team helped me as I relocated back to my home state of Montana, where I wanted to finish my career as a spine surgeon. The spine web site they created for me is top-ranked on Google for organic search and is extremely educational and informative to those with herniated discs and scoliosis.

— Gus Varnavas, MD
Fellowship-trained spine surgeon, retired

We have used Prizm Development over more than 10 years to help our spine and neurosurgery practice in Tennessee. Prizm developed an educational spine center web site and advised us on spine center development through the years. He helped us add a physical medicine specialist to manage non-surgical spine care.  It has been a personal and professional pleasure to have worked with Bob Reznik and Prizm and we certainly recommend them.

— Jim C. Brasfield,MD
TriCitiesSpine & Bristol Neurosurgical Associates, retired

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