Spine Center Development

Designing a Center of Excellence that works

New spine medical officePrizm's role includes ALL PHASES OF SPINE CENTER DEVELOPMENT including market research, the search for the right building, lease negotiations, coordinating office finish out, recruiting physicians and therapists, managed care contracting, protocol implementation, and, lastly, launching the spine center successfully to referral sources with the RIGHT type of educational promotion that projects the center as a Center of Excellence. This promotion ranges from clinical outcome report cards all the way to educational advertising that builds a brand name directly with the consumer.

In short, Prizm has developed a formula that can enhance your likelihood of success with spine center development. We study the market in advance, and if it's not the appropriate market or the appropriate time, we advise the spine physician accordingly.

Prizm provides the space planning, finish-out guidance and physician recruitment, then promotes the new center with informative ads, marketing communications and appealing Web sites that educate consumers about how to lower risk of a health problem or how to apply home remedies safely. These educated consumers then pull themselves to the high-quality centers.

Concept to Reality: Planning & Build-out

Prizm builds spine centers that are positioned for where health care is GOING rather than where it's been

Spine center lobby with patient Spine therapy gym with a physical therapist helping a patient

Health care is going through rapid change over the next 10 years. With that said, there is no shortage of medical architects and space planners who design physician offices for 1980 instead of 2010.

Prizm holds one-on-one meetings with statewide medical directors, large employers, work comp carriers, case management firms and others who are frustrated with the way back care is provided now. We learn key information that influences how we plan space and build clinics geared towards the future.Spine orthopedic clinic

Case in point—the future spine care specialty clinic will succeed through an emphasis on function rather than pain. The old style physician office, with glass-enclosed reception areas and low slung ceilings, is an artifact of the past and will be an albatross in the new age of consumerism.

Conversely, at Prizm spine centers, the first thing a new back pain patient sees when he or she walks through the front door is the exercise gym with other patients working through supervised exercise programs.

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Physician Structure

Spine orthopedic neurosurgeons discussing possible treatment options   Spine orthopedic neurosurgeons discussing possible treatment options

Building a facility is one challenge. Building the CARE TEAM is often more difficult and where most hospitals and group practices stumble and fail. Simply assembling people in a room does not beget a pre-eminent spine product, nor does simply recruiting a physiatrist to act as the "placekicker" for the orthopedic or neuro group practice.

Prizm helps groups develop correct relationships among the spine surgeons, physiatrists and spine-specialized, credentialed therapists. Prizm has developed the partnership structures and compensation plans that align incentives and goals so that all participants in the center are paddling together in the same direction. For example, Prizm helps coordinate mergers of surgeon and PMR group practices and the recruitment of all necessary clinical and administrative staff. It also persists the center with obtaining the best possible reimbursement for spine services rendered.

Spine therapy gym

2020 vision: Where is spine care headed for spine physicians & hospitals?


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