Hospital & ASC Service Lines

Developing an ORTHO service line for a hospital or ASC

University Orthopedics websiteHospital systems and Ambulatory Surgery Centers pursuing orthopedics do best when they consider the cross referral that can occur with a large orthopedic group.

Prizm has been contracted with many large orthopedic groups that have wanted to improve their competitive position in spine by creating a spine center. The benefits are many in that it enables the orthopedic surgeons to further sub-specialize in knees, hips, foot, hand, etc. which is the natural trend. The knee specialist can then refer back or neck patients to the designated spine team for the ideal team approach.

For these ORTHO groups, Prizm often creates the spine center in a designated space, around 8,000 sf as mini-spine center. Over five years, typically the spine center will outgrow this space and need to relocate. However, the way Prizm does the space plan, the mini spine center acts as a neonatal bassinet for new ortho service line roll out.

As the spine center outgrows the 8,000 sf space, it moves out, and a joint replacement specialty center moves into the space. As that joint replacement center grows, it too moves out after 3 years, and a Pain Care Program moves into the space… then a hand center, etc. In this sense, the ortho group sequentially creates and rolls out in the market a series of very strong specialty centers.

The mechanics of rolling out case rates for spine are very similar for knee and hip replacement, so development activities and the installed Prizm systems can be used from one program to another.


2020 vision: Where is spine care headed for spine physicians & hospitals?


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Wouldn’t it be convenient if someone created a listing of spine centers of excellence across the United States that all emphasize non-surgical treatment options before surgery?

Finally, there is a place.

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