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The future of marketing involves harnessing the power of the computer to establish relationships with prospects and customers. By setting up a medical advice line staffed by an RN, the center can bond with back pain sufferers early on by tracking callers' names in a database system. This strategy is based on an important premise—back pain symptoms come and go. When symptoms spike, and a consumer is motivated to call for information, the name and address can then be trapped permanently in a database.

Over time, this database becomes an extremely valuable list of back pain sufferers in a given market, much like knowing in advance who is likely to purchase a Rolex at some point in the future. For example, while 80 percent of back pain will self-resolve, those who do have an attack of back pain are four times as likely to have a recurrence. Knowing which consumers are predisposed to degenerative disc disease is valuable information to collect, which then yields a higher return on investment in promotion.

Medical database of orthopedic centers Medical database of orthopedic centers

Prizm's triage systems enable the provider to channel information in an automated and consistent fashion. One FTE is then able to do the volume of communication of three clerks.

Above, the credentialing database instantly enables a staff member to find out if a physician is credentialed by a managed care plan to see patients and to be reimbursed for care provided. This system replaces stacks of paper and numerous binders. Instead of shuffling through papers, the staff person can find the information within seconds.

Medical database of orthopedic centersPrizm's software systems automate the communication function for the RN, enabling one nurse to do the volume of response mail that would normally require a staff of several clerks. The software not only tracks a patient's name and address but also classifies their type of health problem and records how they heard of the center. This information enables the center to calculate ROI from specific promotions.

Once the prospect's name and address is documented, the system mail merges a personalized letter to the patient along with a Prizm Home Remedy Book. The nurse can also make a centralized appointment for the individual at several offices. The software also contains an online database of doctors that are credentialed by the patient's specific health plan so that reimbursement will go smoothly.

The nurse also uses the software system to decide which physician is appropriate to see various problems. The RN can triage muscle strain patients to a physiatrist, for example, while more serious problems can be directed immediately to a surgeon—all of which improves quality of care and increases efficiency of all physicians in the clinic.

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